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Visiting Stanley Park in Vancouver

Learn about Vancouver's Stanley Park in this Howcast travel video.


Just a few blocks away from the bustle of downtown Vancouver is Stanley Park–a thousand acres of greenery almost completely surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Stanley Park is essential to Vancouver, and it would be a mistake not to visit. You could just take a walk or a bike ride, but there’s a lot more to see and do. Stanley Park is home to nine totem poles carved by First Nations artists, representing several different Native American groups. It’s some of the best art you’ll ever get to see for free. The natural attractions are also worth the trip. The seawall, a paved path running along the outside of the park, right next to the ocean, is beloved by locals and tourists alike for its amazing views of the water and the city. But the best view of all is at Prospect Point, the highest point in the park. From there you can see not only the park, but the activity in the harbor, plus Lion’s Gate Bridge and Vancouver’s North Shore. If you’re not really up for spending time outdoors, don’t worry–Stanley Park is also where you’ll find the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center. The Aquarium is home to dolphins, sea otters, beluga whales, and many other species of marine life. For education, exercise, and recreation, Stanley Park has everything you need.

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