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How to Get Around Munich

Learn the best ways to get around Munich in this Howcast travel video.


Munich’s fierce traffic and expensive parking make car rental a bad choice for most visitors, but there are plenty of other options. Taxis aren’t cheap, but you won’t have to navigate traffic yourself. They can be found at taxi stands, hailed on the street, or called. That aside, one of the best ways to see Munich’s attractions is simply by walking, as many of them are close together. Munich is also a bicycle-friendly city, with plenty of bike paths and a variety of bike rental services. Walking and biking will make it easy to take in Munich’s beautiful architecture. But if you don’t want to worry too much about navigation, or if the weather is bad, or if you just want to rest your feet, don’t worry. Munich’s public transportation is inexpensive, efficient, and will take you pretty much anywhere you would want to go. There’s the subway, or U-Bahn, which covers most of the city proper, while the trams and buses cover even more ground. Then there’s the S-Bahn, above-ground trains which will take you out to the suburbs. All of the public transportation options operate under the MMV network, and you can use the same ticket to pay for any of them. Tickets covering single or multiple rides, or multiple days, can be purchased. Maps, schedules, and ticket prices for public transportation can be found on the MMV website. Getting around in Munich isn’t really a challenge, so you’re free to relax.

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