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How to Do a Wheelie on a BMX

Learn how to do a wheelie on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When you're first learning wheelies there's a couple of tips that will make your life way easier.

If you do have a brake you know that's something that you can help to control the kind of loop out factor. What'll happen if you pedal too hard you know the front end comes up and you'll do what's called looping out where the front end goes too far and you kind of pass the point of balance and you gotta jump off the bike and hopefully not land on your back.

When you're going into a wheelie what you want to do is kind of lean back and instantly take your power stroke, whichever side that is, your left or your right foot that's in front and give it like a really nice push. What's gonna happen is as you pull back and as you give it that nice push, you're gonna get your bike up into that wheelie position.

It's very similar to a manual but what you're gonna be doing is pedaling through the whole trick. So as opposed to coasting and using your arms and your legs to balance and what you're doing is you're using the speed of your pedals to maintain that balanced position.

So once you find that sweet spot you just want to maintain that pedal stroke and just keep pedaling so that you stay in the wheelie as long as possible. And that's how you do a wheelie.

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