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How to Do a Feeble Grind on a BMX

Learn how to do a feeble grind on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When you're doing feeble grinds there's a couple tips that'll really make your life much easier, and it will actually save your bike in the leaning process. When you're learning feebles, especially if you grind on the right side, what will happen is a lot of people when you approach the ledge you know you're going to compress, you're going to bunny hop, you're gonna get your front wheel on top of the ledge, you're going to land on your back peg and what will happen is, a lot of people tend to let their front wheel drift away from the edge of the ledge, more so onto the ledge. Know what happens is as your bike goes sideways the back pegs going to fall off the ledge, know what that leaves is you're gonna land directly on your chain or sprocket. If you grind on the left side and that right side drive you're gonna land on your crank arm, your bottom bracket. You can really do some damage to your bike just learning feeble grinds.

So it's something you really wanna do is try to keep your front wheel as close to the coping or as close to the ledge that you're grinding as possible. What this is gonna do is it's going to keep your bike in the straightest line and it'll also make your balance much easier and your grind much smoother. If you're grinding on a ledge that doesn't have coping and it's just a wax ledge, your bike can really damage the ledge and cause it to chunk up really bad. If you're doing that grind where you're getting really sideways so you know in order to prolong the life of the spot keep everybody who uses the spot happy with you, you really wanna figure the trick out keep your wheel as close to the ledge as possible.

So you know you're going to compress, you're going to hop on, as soon as your back peg and your front wheel hit, really try to keep that front wheel as close to the edge as possible, you can either hop off or grind off the end of the ledge. You know if you hop off, just like a bunny hop, you wanna pull back a little, kind of pop off the back peg, take yourself down off the ledge or you know grind off the end where you can kind of pull up and do a little bit of an ice pick off. And you know let the front end drop you ideally want both wheels to land at the same time, ride away smooth and that's how you do a feeble grind.

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