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How to Do Pedal Grind or Sprocket Grind on a BMX

Learn how to do a pedal grind or sprocket grind on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When you're doing pedal grinds or sprocket grinds, you really gotta find something smooth, I can't emphasize this enough because this is one of the few tricks that you're actually, you're going to break stuff on your bike. If you're doing a pedal grind you're gonna grind down your pedals.

If you get in the habit of doing pedal grinds, one tip that you can, that I've picked up over the years is that you can put a small section of screws and nuts on one side of your pedal so that it's always going to hang one direction. If it's always hanging the same direction, when you go into your pedal grind, or you know you're going to do a pedal grind, you can always grab your pedal the same way so you only wear down one side. once you wear the pedal down it's not going to have any grip anymore, so you know that's something you wanna keep in mind when you're doing this trick. It's going to be just like a feeble grind, but the back end of your bike is going to hang much lower. For me I pedal grind on the left cause I naturally grind on the right so my left foot is on the back, I also have left side drives so it would be a pedal slash you know, socket grind on my side. What you're gonna do is you're gonna approach it just like you're doing a feeble, you're gonna come at it medium speed, you know, nice smooth ledge, as you hop you're gonna want to put your front wheel on top of the ledge and you're gonna stomp down that back foot.

If you do have a brake you can actually as you stomp it down you can squeeze the brake to prevent the rear pedal from actually going up, if you don't have that you really gotta rely on that stomp to keep the pedal down in place. As you stomp into the grind, 90% of the way through the trick I mean you just gotta slide and then spot off the edge of the ledge there. As you're coming off the end you can even kind of push down with that back foot a little bit to help pop you off. You know you're going to compress kind of push down, pop off and land both tires evenly and ride away clean. That's how you do a pedal grind.

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