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How to Do an Ice Pick on a BMX

Learn how to do an ice pick on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When doing ice picks, you should have your manuals down. You should have feebles down. You should have a couple tricks where you're really comfortable grinding, at moderate pace, I mean, you're not like flying but, you should really be comfortable grinding and coming off your grinds at pretty fast pace. When you hop into the ice pick, and it's going to be very similar to bunny hop manually, you wanna hop, you're gonna have your front end much higher than your back end, you're gonna land on your rear peg.

You wanna maintain parallel stage. you don't wanna have your front wheel over the ledge. If you do, what's gonna happen is, the front of your tires is actually gonna hit the ledge and it'll bring the front end down. If your front end's wavering too far away from the ledge, what'll happen is, you actually just fall off the grind. So you wanna go parallel to the or the rail ledge, or what ever it is you are ice picking. When you land in the grind, more often than not, unless it's a really short ledge, you'll have some time to pump. So you're gonna have to kind of adjust and accommodate for the end of the ledge and coming off, also, you know, the over all distance. If it's something where you really have to pump and kind of find that sweet spot, you know, that's more of an advance ice pick. Here I'm just showing you how to do a short one so that you can get the idea of doing an ice pick and coming off the grind comfortably.

When you're in the grind, like I said, you're gonna, it's just like a manual. You wanna pump a little bit, spot the end of the ledge. As soon as you are coming off the ledge, you don't wanna pull up or anything like that unless you're trying to hop out of the trick in order to do another trick or a combination. You're gonna let the front end gradually come down so that as you land, you're gonna land both tires flat and ride away smooth. That's how you do an ice pick grind.

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