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How to Do a Fakie on a BMX

Learn how to do a fakie on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


A couple tips on doing Fakies. You want to find a really nice quarter pipe that you can go up comfortably. The speed for a Fakie depends on your level of expertise, I mean you can go really fast and kind of boost a Fakie, or you can just kind of roll up the quarter. You don't really have to do a huge hop, and then come back down. When you hop you want to make sure that you stay directly over the bike. Keep your wheels matched to the transition and as you're coming back in from the Fakie you want to land comfortably directly over the center. It's going to be more about your center of balance here.

When you land you want to make sure that you're over the center of the bike. Immediately you're going to have to start peddling backwards if you do have the driver or a free wheel. As you're peddling backwards you want to, you know, try to keep it as straight as possible coming back down the transition, and then you're going to go back into your roll back and then into your half cab or whatever sort of link you have there but that's how you do a Fakie.

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