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How to Do a Nollie 180 on a BMX

Learn how to do a Nollie 180 on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When you're going into a Nollie 180 you wanna think of it a lot like a regular 180. You're always gonna lead with your head, you wanna somewhat compressed but, since you're doing a Nollie, the front end doesn't leave the floor before the back end, you know. The idea of a Nollie is that the rear end comes up first. So you're gonna compress kind of more towards the back of the bike and then pop forward. So as you pop forward, the back end of the bike's gonna come up.

Again, you wanna lead with your head in the direction you turn. For me, I always turn to the left, so I'm gonna pop forward and swing my weight this way. The back end of the bike's gonna come up and start swinging around. As that occurs you're gonna basically, again, about 90 degrees you wanna spot your landing. You wanna find the complete opposite direction, steer forward, have the back end of the bike start coming down. When you land , you know, you're gonna absorb a little bit of the landing. You should have your Fakies dialed by then. Make sure you roll back for a couple cranks and, you know, Half Cab rollout, Full Cab, whatever you wanna do outta there.

So that's how you do a Nollie 180.

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