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How to Do an ET and a Backwards ET on a BMX

Learn how to do an ET and a backwards ET on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


A couple tips on doing ETs or backwards ETs. What an ET is is a 360 rotation of the crank while you're in the air. So, you're going to find a jump that you're very comfortable on. You want to level out. As you begin to level out, you want to just take a quick crank forward. Now, what will happen when you do this is that, because you're pushing down the bike, you've really got to kind of roll your wrists forward to keep the bike up under you, and you should make it really quick. I mean, it will feel strange at the beginning.

I mean, you can start by doing a half and just switching your feet in the air, but ultimately what you want to do is take a quick crank in the air, or a quick reverse crank. That's really it. I mean, you're going to pop in the air, and you're going to do either your ET or your reverse ET, spot your landing, level out your bike, hit the landing, both tires at the same time, straighten it out, ride away clean. And that's how you do an ET or a reverse ET on your BMX.

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