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How to Do a Footjam on a BMX

Learn how to do a footjam on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


Some tips on doing Foot Jams. For me, I rotate to the left and I'm gonna put my right foot, which is my dominant front foot, always into the fork and tire itself. What you're gonna do is, as you approach your bank or your quarter pipe, you wanna have just enough speed to make it to the top.

What you're gonna do is, as you get to the top, throw all your weight to the front of the bicycle, take that foot, whichever foot that is that you're gonna jam with and really jam it in on top of your tire, right behind your fork. What happens when you do that you're using your foot as a barking mechanism. So what you're gonna do is, as your front end is up you jam your foot in there, kinda keep the back end over the transition or the area where you're gonna be going back into. Whether it's a quarter or a wedge, a bank, whatever it is.

Once you got your foot jam in place you can stall out for a second, spot your transition or your bank, pop from that foot jam. You're gonna kinda compress both your legs and your arms and really pull up to swing that front end back in front of you. As that happens, you're gonna put your jamming foot back onto the pedal, swing the bike back into the transition, kinda line up. You may have to turn your handlebar a little bit to match the transition so that you can come back down. As you hit the quarter, you know, you want both tires to land evenly. Foot back on the pedal. Ride away straight.

And that's how you do a Foot Jam on a BMX bike.

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