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How to Do a Tail Tap on a BMX Bike Ramp

Learn how to do a tail tap on a BMX bike ramp from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When going up to do a tail tap on a quarter pipe there's a couple of pointers that I can give you to make your life way easier.

If you're going up you want to have a medium speed. It's very similar, maybe a little more than then you would to stall the actual quarter pipe itself. As you come out you want to pop a little and do maybe a 90 degree turn. As you land on the quarter pipe you want to keep the front end up.

You know the tail tap you're just going back onto the rear wheel. So in the case like on my bike where I don't have a rear brake I gotta use my front foot to maintain the tension on the back wheel so the front end doesn't go down.

If you have a brake what you wanna do is in the air you can squeeze the brake and as you come down use the brake to maintain that stalled position. So you can use the brake and immediately you wanna start leaning back into the quarter pipe.

So brake or brake-less either way, as soon as you're in the tail tap you wanna start going back into the quarter. At this point you should be very comfortable dropping in. You can even kind of do like a chuck [SP] crank where your bushing the bike back into the quarter pipe.

Ideally you don't want to do a chuck crank you just wanna hop back in so if you have the brake it'll make it way easier. You just squeeze the brake, hop, release the brake, match up the transition with your wheels and ride away smoothly.

If you do have a brake-less bicycle you can do the chuck crank you can hop back in. Same thing, you wanna match your wheels to the transition, ride away smooth. That's how you do a tail tap.

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