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How to Do a Feeble to 180 on a BMX

Learn how to do a feeble to 180 on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


Feeble to 180 is a really fun trick, and here's a couple tips to get you through it. When you're doing the feeble to 180, you want to approach the ledge that you're grinding with enough speed to go off the end of the ledge. Ideally, you'd find something with coping, if not, if you're doing it somewhere on a street ledge, you want to find something really laxed. You'll find one of those really buttery ledges that you can kind of launch off the end of. Here I'll be doing it at the skate park, so everything's going to have an angle on it or coping on it. You want to go at a very nice speed that you're comfortable rolling backwards on. So what you're going to do is, as you're in your grind, you're going to be leaning forward a little bit. You got to keep in mind that the center of balance on your bicycle is going to be a little different because the back end of your bike's going to be a little bit lower, so you're going to lean forward a little bit. And what you're going to do is you're going to pop both at the same time.

I pop both the front wheel and the peg at the same time, get my rotation going. You really don't have to steer hard in the direction that you're going, but you do need to spot your landing. If you're doing a grind on your regular side, and you're 100 percent natural, you're going to be doing an opposite 180. If you're grinding on your opposite side, you'll be doing a natural 180. So whichever works best for you, if you got the opposite grind style then I would definitely suggest doing it that way, because the regular 180's much easier to perform. In this case, I'll be doing a regular grind to a opposite 180. Basically, the same as doing a 180, but you just got to mind the balance of your bike, and you want to negotiate your landing the best as possible. What'll happen is, because you're starting at a position where your wheel is higher than your peg, as you pop out of your grind, you want to balance back out, so that when you land, you're landing both wheels at the same time. You should be staring back at the ledge you just came off if you did everything correctly.

So you're staring back at the ledge, as you land, you're going back into your roll back, you really shouldn't have any problems. Like I said, you want to have your roll backs dialed, you should have your 180s dialed, and it's really just negotiating that leveling out from the grind into the landing position so that you can ride away clean and do your roll out or your half cab. And that's how you do a feeble to 180 on a BMX.

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