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How to Do a 180 to Double Peg Grind on a BMX

Learn how to do a 180 to double peg grind on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


Some tips on doing a 180 with double peg grinds. What you want to do is, obviously, you have to have your double peg grind down in your 180s. Now, when you're going into a double peg grind, for starters, find something with coping because you're going backwards and sometimes your drop out might hand a little lower than your peg, or if you don't have a grind guard there's a couple of things that can catch when you're going into the grind itself. So, you're going to compress and you're going to lead with your head, but you have to be very comfortable in your 180s and your rotation because you can't continue looking away from the ledge.

You want to spot the ledge, level out your bike, make sure that your pegs are going to line up very nicely, and as soon as your pegs hit you're going to try and keep your body directly over your bike. If you lean too far over the ledge what will happen is your pegs will dig into the ledge itself and it will slow you down or bring you to a halt. If you're leaning too far off the ledge your pegs will just fall off the side. So, you want to land and you want to keep your legs as level with the edge as possible. As you're grinding backwards you're in the zone; you want to be comfortable and relaxed, centered over the bicycle, keep your legs level, and try not to push down with your front foot or the grind side foot.

What will happen is that will actually end up digging into the sub straight itself, so if you're grinding on coping that will end up digging the pedal into the coping. If you're grinding on a concrete ledge you'll end up grinding your pedal into the ledge and it will slow you down and make for an unsuccessful attempt. As you're approaching the end of the ledge you can kind of peek over your shoulder. Ideally you'll have done it a couple of times and have a good idea of your timing. So, it's really about timing. When you hop on it's really hard to look back and see where the ledge is. More often than not you'll be staring down but you can't really see where the end is so there's two ways you can really come off: you can pop the back end off because that will be your lead end. You can pop the back end off and kind of come off with the front peg or grind off the end with the front, or you can pop both pegs off to the side, kind of do your Fakie, and then roll out.

Sometimes what I like to do is pop into my 180 grind, grind backwards, and then pop a 180 off. That will spare you the whole trying to figure out whether you want to hop off completely or grind off with just the front peg, where you can just kind of whip around. I think that's the easiest way to finish off the trick is to actually 180 out of it at the end. This will leave you in a position where you can just ride away cleanly and land your 180 double peg grind. So, that's how you do it.

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