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How to Do a 360 Bunny Hop on a BMX

Learn how to do a 360 bunny hop on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


Couple of tips on doing 360 bunny hops. They're very similar to a 180 in the beginning. What you want to do is you're gonna wanna compress, you know you're gonna crouch down, you're get really low so that you can really pop into your 360.

Again you wanna lean with your head. Always look over your shoulder in the direction that you're turning. Again for me it's to the left so I'm gonna spring up always looking to the left. You wanna spot your landing as soon as possible but what you're gonna do is as you're coming up you're gonna start with your carve and as you spring, you know you're gonna pop up the back end of the bike.

You gotta keep your head to the left. What a lot of people do is as soon as they pop up they whip with their arms and then end up looking in the opposite direction trying to push the bike the rest of the way.

What you wanna do is you wanna swing with such force that it's gonna carry you all they way through the 360 and you wanna maintain that position until you actually spot your landing.

So again, you're gonna compress, you're gonna look into the direction that you're spinning, your whole body and your bike are instantly gonna pop up you're gonna wanna swing pretty much the front end a little bit prior to the rear. Once you're in the air you wanna maintain that position where you're holding your head over your shoulder in the direction you're spinning.

As you're coming through the 270 portion of the 360 you should by now have spotted your landing being the 360 destination. As you spot your landing you can then allow your bicycle to come back under you, you know and achieve the rest of the trick.

Once you've achieved the whole 360 you should be approaching the ground. I mean you're not gonna hang time in the air still in the 360 position and this really kind of where you're gonna wrap it up. As you come around you're gonna put the back end down first especially when you're in the learning process but ideally you want your tires to land at the same time.

So you're gonna pop, you're gonna level out with your head still looking over your shoulder, as you hit the 270 spot your landing, bring the bike around, begin to set it down, try to land both tires level and ride in the direction that you began. That's how you do a 360.

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