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How to Do a 360 to Fakie on a BMX

Learn how to do a 360 to fakie on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When you're doing 360 to Fakies there's a couple tips I can give you to help you out. What you're going to do is you're going to approach the bank or quarter pipe with enough speed to make it to about the top. You want to hit coping. If you're really good at it and as you advance you can find a nice quarter and actually pop out of the quarter and do your 360 to Fakie. Today we're just going to show you the basics on how to get the motion down. You're going to approach the quarter pip and you should have 360s already dialed. I mean, you should already know how to compress, you already got your pop down, and the things that are really important when you're doing 360 to Fakie is that you need to watch your balance and your body's relation to the bicycle and your bike's relation to the obstacle you're doing the trick on.

So, as you go to do your 360 you want to make sure that you're spinning. Say your quarter pipe or bank is at this degree you'd like to stay at the same degree. You don't want to flatten out because what will happen is you'll end up landing on your front wheel as opposed to landing both wheels at the same time, so what I like to do is as opposed to staying with my head over my shoulder the whole time I like to look down so I can keep an eye on the obstacle that I'm 360-ing on. Now, as I come around you want to spot the coping or the top of the ramp and that's when you know you're approaching the end of your 360.

As that happens you kind of want to push down with your legs so that you can get the back end of the bike to hit the transition at the same time as the front. When this happens, both wheels are going to like up and immediately you're going to start going backward. You should have your Fakies down. You want to be able to roll down the transition very nicely, roll back, roll out, and call it a day. That's how you do a 360 to Fakie.

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