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How to Do a 360 Nollie on a BMX

Learn how to do a 360 nollie on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


Couple tips when you're learning Nollie 360s. Obviously, you should have Nollie 180s down pat and you shouldn't really have any problems at all with the initial motion. You're gonna compress. You kinda wanna to compress more towards the back end of the bicycle. You're gonna kinda lunge forward and upward, bringing your back end of the bike up, kind of roll your wrist forward to help assist the rear end in getting up and around. Again, you're gonna look the direction that you're spinning. As your back end comes around you really gotta pop.

Now, you don't wanna decompress completely your arms. I mean, you're gonna bring your body up but your don't wanna pop your arms all the way out until I'd say about 90 degrees. When you're at about 90 degrees you're really gonna pop and bring that front end up.

Now, the thing that's really tricky about doing Nollie 360s is that once you pop the front end, what a lot of people do is they let the back end drop immediately. You still gotta maintain that level state on your bicycle so that you don't loop out when you land. Coming around you should be at about, I wanna say, you know, 270 again. Where you're spotting your landing already. You wanna be looking forward, bringing the bike back under you. As soon as you land, you know, both wheels flat you should have leveled out. Land double tire. Ride away freely.

And that's how you do a Nollie 360.

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