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How to Do a 540 Cab on a BMX

Learn how to do a 540 cab on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


Couple of tips on doing 540 cabs. For a 540 cab, you're going to want to have a little more momentum, you want to go a little faster so that you can get a really nice push off on the beginning. Now, a 540 cab is going to be another 180 on top of a full cab. So what you're going to do is, obviously you should have your half cabs and your full cabs dialed before you go in a 540 cab, but what you want to do, again, you're going to want to roll out about 90 degrees so that you can really get that momentum going. You're going to want to swing in the direction that you're going to be 540 cabbing into. And what you're going to do, again, you're going to lead with your head, in all spinning moves you want to lead with your head, and hold your head in that position until you're about ready to level out and fully achieve the trick. So with the 540 cab, you want to stay in the position, I'd say until about 450.

A 360 plus the 90, you're going to have your head to the direction you're spinning. Once you hit that 450, you'll have already spotted your landing. Once you've spotted your landing, what you want to do is let the bike come back underneath you. And sometimes with the 540 cab, you can do them on the ground, but you want to find something where you can go down, say, a curb or maybe like, a two or three stair, so that you have that little bit of extra hang time that'll let your rotation come around fully. What a lot of people do when they're first learning 540 cabs, you'll do, say, that first 90 you're going to roll out, you'll pop the whole 450. And what you're going to do is you're going to land about 90 degrees right before you're going to hit the full 540, and you'll let the back wheel hit first, and then let the rest of the rotation occur on your back wheel. You want to keep your front foot kind of pushing forward to maintain that balance position, it's like doing a tail tap, but you're going to be rotating.

You don't want to let the front end come down before you get the full 540 cab, since your momentum's going that direction, the second your front wheel comes down, if you're not going that way, you're going to kind of fly off your bike. So what you want to do is get your full 540 cab, let the front end come around. As soon as the front end comes around, then you can put it down. Your momentum will take you the direction you're pointed, and you're good to roll away. For an advanced 540 cab, you don't want to pivot on that back wheel, you want to do the full 540 cab in the air, let both wheels land at the same time and ride away straight. It'll definitely look the best, and get you the most style points. And those are tricks and tips for doing 540 cabs.

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