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How to Do a Fakie Wall Ride on a BMX

Learn how to do a fakie wall ride on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


When your learning fakie wall rides, its ideal if you can find a embankment to a wall or a slanted wall, either of which will help you get the trick dialed much quicker. During fight to fight wall rides, its definitely a more advance trick. If you find a bank, you're going to approach the bank at a medium speed. you wanna go straight at the wall. As you hit the bank, you're going to hop up, plant both tires on the wall itself and at this point you want to extend your legs all the way. You want to push out with your legs, so that the back wheel can actually touch and your not leaning back onto the wall. You don't want to be on the wall, send it over the bike like your riding.

You want to be leaning much further forward over the handle bars, you know, and extending your legs will really help you do that. As soon as both wheel hit, you want to pop forward with the handle bars, roll your wrists. you can even use your hips sometimes, if your leaning forward that much and thats really going to help get the back wheel off the wall as quickly as possible so that when you come back down. you either kind of level with the bank or level with the ground. Popping that wheel off, you are going to land. As soon as you land if you aren't on an embankment, what will happen is that embankment as you come down you are going to go into your fakie and your going to roll out. If it was on a, say, tree or a slanted wall somewhere, as you hit the wall you can almost kind of, you know, do like a fakie nose manual down the face of the wall into your fakie on the ground and then roll away and roll out. That's how you do a fakie wall ride.

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