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How to Distribute Your Weight on a BMX

Learn how to distribute your weight on a BMX from expert Francisco Colón in this Howcast video.


Couple of tips on distributing your weight on your bicycle when you're first beginning. This is really entry level knowledge and this is some stuff that you'll kinda have ideas of, but I may be able to give you a hand in helping you figure out other tricks by learning what weight distribution really is.

Now, you're always gonna have one foot forward. Your crank should always sit flat when you're coasting. All of your tricks, you're not gonna ride with one crank down in the down position and one up. I mean, it really makes no sense. You wanna have your dominate foot in the front of the bike and the other in the back.

Now, when you're doing this if, say, you run four pegs or if you ride goofy footed, where you grind on the same side that your rear foot's on, you may have to sit with your foot a little more forward on the pedal. But your, the ball of your foot should sit right on the center of the pedal.

And your arms, you're always gonna have a straight line. From your shoulder through your forearm, you know, your wrist and your hand. What this is gonna do is it's really gonna help you prevent injuries. If you land and you're what's called limp wristed, what'll happen is your hand will kinda roll back. And it just causes a ton of pain.

So those are just a couple of tips to really help you maintain your balance whenever you're doing tricks. You know, stay on the ball of your foot. Make sure that you got that really nice plane on your shoulder down through your forearm and down your wrist and through your hand.

And that's how you're gonna distribute your balance on your BMX bicycle.

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