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BMX Bike Tricks with Francisco ColÃ_n

Learn about Francisco Colón, one of Howcast's BMX bike tricks experts, in this video.


Hi, my name's Francisco Cologne. I'm from Gilroy, California, currently residing in Astoria Queens, New York. I've been riding BMX for close to 15 years. When I first started, it was pretty bad. I had a Diamondback Viper, it was all chrome everything, 3/8 axles, with the bolt on pegs. Totally destroyed the bike in a week, as soon as I started trying to figure things out.

My love for bikes is deep rooted. I got my first 16 inch when I was, like, four. So, yeah, I've been riding bikes for a long time. Now I manage a bike shop here in Astoria, it's called Bike Stop. You can check us out on We sell a lot of BMX bikes, so being the manager, I bring in whatever I want. So of course, we have all the BMX stuff. I also make music. I produce beats and do a little bit of rapping. You can check out, the website for that, I got Outside of the bikes and music, a lot of art. I do stencils, this is one of them. This is Drop Crane [sounds like] Society. There's definitely a Facebook page for that, you can check us out. It's Bikes, Beats and Kicks. It's urban culture, it's fashion, it's music, it's everything that's fun about these two wheel machines.

I love them all, BMX is always my first love, though. So today, I'm going to show you guys a handful of tricks. It's very entry level. This is stuff that if you've never ridden BMX or you've never been to a skate park or tried to do any sort of tricks, this would be a great way to help you get the basics under your belt, so that you can take these basics and then as you develop them and you could start linking them. I look at BMX like an art itself, especially when you're working with videographers or photographers. Things like lighting and the obstacles themselves become art, and what you do with these obstacles becomes art.

People like Ruben Alcantara, the guy did a lot of really crazy, like, found huge street obstacles that were very similar to skate parks. So if you can find these things, then you can apply the methods that I'm showing you today. It'll really help you take your bicycle and make your own art. So hopefully this is helpful, and helps you get on the road and have some fun.

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