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How to Get Started with Adobe Illustrator CS6

Learn how to get started using Adobe Illustrator CS6 from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


When starting with Adobe Illustrator, the first thing you want to do is you want to go to your menu.

You want to go to File. And you either want to go to Open, if you have a preexisting file, or you want to go to New. But today we're actually going to go to New.

So, we open up the New tab and you'll notice that a new document window comes up. And you got a bunch of selections and options that you can go through.

But to keep it simple we have the Profile area, where you have several settings, the Print, Web Devices, Video and Film, Basic RGB. For now, you need only to worry about Print and Web.
Because Print is already selected, we'll just stay there.

Under the Size options you'll see some things that you may be familiar with. You'll see Letter, Legal, Tabloid. These are essentially how the default dimensions of your document is going to be set up.

So we'll stick with Letter. Everybody knows Letter is 8.5 x 11, so it's pretty easy, standard.

In this area, you might notice that you'll see a width and a height, and the width is outlined in points, which is designated by the PT behind the 612.

And if you actually were to type in 8.5 and then type in an I-N after that, which stands for the inches, and you either Tab or select the New Height area, you'll notice that it stays the same because it automatically converts it for you. So if you're not familiar with points and you want to type in an inch reference, you can type that in as well.

And we're just going to go over here and we look at the Orientation tab. And right now because its 8.5 x 11, it's in a Portrait orientation. But you can always change that to Landscape, and if you notice, when you do so, the width and the height of your actual size will switch.

So we're going to switch this back, and click Portrait. And then we're going to click OK. This is how you open a document, start a fresh one.

And what you can notice is that up here, again, this is your Menu Bar. On the left side you'll notice that you have your Tool Bar, and on the right side, if you expand it, the little arrow is at the top, these are your Window Panels.

And that's how you get started in Adobe Illustrator.

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