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How to Use the Adobe Illustrator Selection Tools

Learn how to use the Adobe Illustrator selection tools from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is how you use Selection Tools in Adobe Illustrator.

So the first thing you want to do is, we want to go to our Tool Panel and we want to select a rectangle. And we're going to draw it out. All you do is you Click and you Drag, and it will come out.

And what we want to do is we're going to add some color to this. And you'll notice down in the lower left there are 2 squares and we want to fill it with a color. So we can double-click on that white color and just drag this anywhere in here to get a different color. All right.

Now, we're going to click our Selection Tool and we're going to click away. Now when we want to select an item we can go over to our Tools, click the Selection Tool, and you'll notice when you hover above a tool, you'll see the Tool Tip. That gives you a shortcut to the actual way you can pick that tool without always having to drag your mouse over it. Some of them won't have a Tool Tip.

But you click on it and you'll notice that the Bounded Box is now around the item. So that's one way to select an item.

But you'll also notice that when you select this item, there are different points on the corners. And sometimes you may want to select a point and you may want to change something with that point.

So, underneath your Selection Tool, you'll notice you have a Direct Selection Tool and you can click that. And what you can do is, is you can drag a Bounded Box and it will actually select it.

Now you'll notice if we were to zoom in, this little corner right here is dark, this corner is open, which means this one is the only one selected.

So if I decide to move that corner with my arrows, and if we want to make a bigger difference we could use the Shift Key, you'll notice that's the only one moving. Using that Selection Tool is a way to actually select only End Points.

Another quick way is, underneath you'll notice you have a Lasso Tool. It's 2 under the Selection Tool. And this, instead of dragging out in a square or a rectangular shape, you can actually circle in different shapes to select more areas that may be of complex shapes.

And that is actually how we're going to be able to select this side, doing the same thing as before, and we'll be able to use our Shift Keys, Arrow Keys, to select different points on the shape.

And that's how you use the Selection Tool in Adobe Illustrator.

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