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How to Work with Groups in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to work with groups in Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is how you work with Groups in Adobe Illustrator.

So, on our art board we're going to have some shapes out here.

Now, if you don't have any shapes on the art board, again we can go to our Rectangle Tool in our Tool Panel. We can drag out 3 objects. You can drag out as many objects as you like. It's not really that relevant. As long as you have more than 1, you're fine.

So let's change the color on some of these. Again, on the lower left you click, and double-click on your fill color. Change it. And maybe give this a cyan. All right.

Now, a lot of the times the major thing you want to do when you use Groups is for the purpose of keeping like items together. Things that either you want to move at the same time or you want to just, I guess, almost like group as if you have a folder or something like where there are sections that are relevant to one another. Like if you have certain colors or you have certain things that are like shading or highlight, whatever the case may be. It can be like anything, if you wanted to group like rectangles or squares. But the major important part is that it keeps them together to a point where if you were to move 1, they all move at the same time.

Now, notice if you were to click 1 of these and you move it, nothing else is going to move.

You have the option of selecting them all and moving it, but that can get tiresome because you're also going to have to select it every time that you're going to do that.

And one of the things that you want to do is, you want to select all of these, and if you're on a MAC it would be Command G, or if you're on a Windows computer it would be Control G, and it will actually group your items together.

So now when you select 1 of them, you'll notice that they all are selected. And if you move 1, they all move.

And, if you want to individually, which people might be curious about, to actually edit these items again, you have the option of double-clicking this group,and you'll notice the area around your window gets grayed out and this allows you to then select and move the items individually because you're within that subset.

And you'll notice it here, in the top left of your window where it says Group. And it says Current Isolated Group when you hover over it. That's how you know you're inside.

The way you get out is to either double-click or hit Escape and you're back to your general group. Move it around again.

Or, if you want to un-group these items, you can Control Shift G or Command Shift G, depending upon whether you're on a Windows computer or a MAC, and then your items are un-grouped.

And this is how we work with Groups in Adobe Illustrator.

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