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How to Join Paths Using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to join paths using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is How You Join Paths in Adobe Illustrator.

We're going to go over to our Tools Panel, and once again we're going to select the Pen Tool.

We're going to click 1 point and click another.

And when you want to end the clicking, because it will click on forever, you can actually, let's go back, hit the "P" button for Pen Tool, or you can click the actual Pen Tool again and it will cut that off and start a new segment.

Now, sometimes you'll notice that you want to join end points of line segments.

And the way to do so is to go to your Direct Selection Tool, and once you click that you can select the end point of 1, and let's select this point, the end point of the other.

And what you'll do is, you can Control click on a MAC, or right click on a Windows, and you go down to the Join option and once you click that, you'll notice that the segments are now joined.

So it's a real simple thing. Select the end points of each Tool, or each segment. And then you Control click on a MAC, or you right click on a Windows computer, and you go down to Join and you'll notice a link.

And just to reenforce the point and drive it home, I'll select these 2 points that are on the opposite end. Go to Join, and you'll notice how they connect.

And that is how you join segments in Adobe Illustrator.

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