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How to Outline Strokes Using the Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool

Learn how to outline strokes using the Adobe Illustrator pen tool from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is how you Outline Strokes in Adobe Illustrator.

We're going to actually go over to our Tools Panel. Click our Pen Tool. We're going to click 1 point, another point, and let's click a third and a fourth just for good measure.

And let's bump up the weight in our Stroke Panel over to the right, so we can actually see this.

And a lot of people when working with Illustrator want to be able to physically change things on their stroke but they want to use the stroke as a shape as opposed to just a simple line segment.

So, in order to create a shape or a fill, because that's what it would be referred to as well, you want to outline your stroke.

So, essentially, outlining your stroke is exactly what you think. It's going to cause this to become a fill by making the out, or outer section of the actual stroke, end points, so that you can edit.

So you want to select the stroke.

You want to go to your Object Menu. You want to go down, and you want to go to Path.

In the Path Menu you'll notice this outlined stroke.
And if you click that, you'll notice now that instead of a stroke, you actually have a fill.

And that way that you can tell the difference is, is you look in your left Tools Panel, if you go all the way down, you'll notice that now this is designated as a fill.

Now, if we were to change it back, you'll notice originally it was set as a stroke, but when we go forward, you'll notice that it's now a fill.

And you can grab these end points now, and instead of it moving the entire end of that stroke, it will just move just that actual point.

So you can actually change various points now because it's a fill and not a stroke.

That is how you Outline Strokes in Adobe Illustrator.

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