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How to Use the Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool to Split a Path

Learn how to use the Adobe Illustrator pen tool to split a path from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is How You Split a Path on Adobe Illustrator.

So, we're going to go to our Tools Panel. Select the Pen Tool. And we are going to click, say 3 times, but we're going to actually remove the fill from this just so we have our path, our line segment. And there are a bunch of ways you can actually do this.

One major way is, you can actually click on one of your anchor points. And when you click on that, you'll notice right under your Menu in your Control Bar, there is a section that says Convert, there are Handles, Anchors, you'll also notice there's a Cut Path at Selected Anchor Points Tool.

So once you click that tool, it's like a scissor and it does exactly what you would think it would do. Scissors cut.
So you click it.

Once you've clicked that, you'll notice that the anchor point that you actually have selected is now 2 different anchor points.

Now, there are additional tools that you can use when cutting things.

Another tool would be the actual Eraser Tool. So if we were to go to our Tool Panel. Select the Eraser Tool, and there are different tools underneath; the Scissors and the Knife Tool, which you'll see.

If you were to rub your Eraser Tool over it, you'll notice that this has again made you 2 different line segments.

Now if we were to click the Eraser Tool, and we were to click Knife, nothing happens with this.

The Knife Tool actually, and I will show you, the Knife Tool works on fills.

So whenever you have the Knife Tool here and you cut it, you'll notice that now for fill, these segments are sliced.

Now if we were to use the Scissor Tool, let's drag out another stroke, and this stroke and line segment.

We'll actually go to our tool where we had the knife. We'll click and hold down. We'll go to the Scissors Tool. Again, you can see the shortcuts which are sitting on the side of each tool, so that way if you have your keyboard in front of you, all you have to do is hit that letter on your keyboard to come up, as opposed to going to your Tools Panel.

We click that and when we click a point, it has now cut the end point at that section.

All you have to do is click that point on the actual line segment.

And that is how you split a path on Adobe Illustrator.

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