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How to Convert between Smooth Points & Corner Points

Learn to use the Adobe Illustrator pen tool to convert between smooth points and corner points from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is how you convert between smooth points and corner points in Adobe Illustrator. So we head on over to our Tools Panel. let's select our Pen tool. Let's create a shape, any shape. It doesn't matter. You don't have to create this exact shape. It could be anything. And what you'll do is you'll notice that when you click on the Pen tool area, there's a Convert Anchor Point tool. And you can select that through this means and/or you can click Shift-C on your keyboard, and that will bring up the Convert Anchor Point tool. Now essentially right now we all have straight points on our artwork, because we've just been clicking line segments here and there. Click any point, any anchor point.

It doesn't matter which one. And when you click that point, to convert it from an angle to a curved line, you pull. And as you pull, you'll notice your handles come out, and you have a bezier curve. So once we release it, we now have a curve at that point. Very simple. Click it. Pull. You have a curve. And you can adjust however you want to have that curve compensate for wherever that wherever that anchor point is. Now let's say we want to get that back to an angle line or a straight line. All we have to do is one time click. Nothing fancy. Select your curve. You click it. It's an angle again. And that's how you convert between smooth points and corner points in Adobe Illustrator.

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