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How to Use Adobe Illustrator Swatch Libraries

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator swatch libraries from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is How to Use Illustrator Swatch Libraries in Adobe Illustrator.

So, to use Swatch Libraries is fairly easy. Essentially what you're doing is you're picking out a library of colors and Adobe Illustrator actually has these built in by default.

So, what you want to do is, you go to your Window Menu and you can go down to Swatches.

Once you click this, over on your right Menu Panel, you'll notice that you have Swatches here.

Now, there are 2 ways that you can actually reach the libraries in Adobe Illustrator. There's the Swatches Panel, and you can actually go into your Menu. But the easier way to do it is to click on your Swatches Panel.

Now, over to the right there's a Drop Down Arrow in your Swatches Panel.

If you click that, and you go all the way to the bottom, you'll notice that there's an Open Swatch Library option. And when you click in there, you'll notice that a pop-out menu comes out and you'll have a whole list of different Swatch Libraries.

Each of these has a different set of colors in them and you can select based upon whatever you're trying to color in your artwork.

So we have Art History, Celebration, Color Books, Color Properties, Corporate and you have your default Swatches, Earth Tones, Food, Gradients, Kids Stuff, just a whole list.

And let's say we go into Celebration.

So we'll click that, and once you click that a new window will open up with the Swatches that are in the Celebration Swatch Library.

And then, you'll see that these colors are grouped together and you can use them accordingly because they're basically grouped by harmony.

So you select which color group you want. You can select the colors in there.

If you want a different Swatch Library, you can go back over.

Go to Open Swatch Library. let's say we go to Metal. It will open up another tab in the already existing library tab. So, now you have metal colors.

And you can select and change these. And you'll notice that over in the left Tools Panel, if you look down at the bottom, your fill is going to change according to which color it is that you're clicking on.

And you can do this for any of the Swatch Libraries that are listed.

So it will create an indefinite amount of tabs, with an indefinite amount of Swatch Libraries, and then you can actually choose and pick the color swatches that you want.

And that's how you work with Swatch Libraries on Adobe Illustrated.

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