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How to Edit Colors in Artwork with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to edit colors in artwork with Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is how to edit colors in art work in Adobe Illustrator. Let's say you have some art work on the board and you are completely dissatisfied with the color of the art work. There are probably a million things you can do to edit this but the most simple is to actually click the art work. You can select either the whole thing, or if there are segments of your art work that have color in it, let's say you want something with a specific color. All right.

Let's say we wanted to edit only the color of the orange color. We would click that with our selection tool. We can head over to our color panel and we can either, depending upon the color mode that we're in, we can adjust the sliders to change that color. We can actually double click on the swatch itself and it will open up a color picker window, and then we can adjust our color according to whatever color is in that window. If we click OK, the color changes accordingly. So you can select whatever object it is that you want, whatever part of your art work. You can change it with sliders, alter and adjust it accordingly. Double click on your swatch and it will open your color picker window, and then you can adjust any colors that are within there.

And if you don't want to go over to your color window and click on the swatch there, you can actually go to the bottom of your tools panel and you can double click on that to bring up the color picker window. And once that's up, you can, again, sift through the different colors, click OK, and change the colors in your art work. And this is how you adjust the color in your art work in Adobe Illustrator.

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