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How to Work with Live Paint in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to work with live paint in Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is How You Work with Live Paint in Adobe Illustrator.

Essentially what Live Paint is is a very fast way to select a set of paths and fills and then quickly go through it and color that artwork.

So, what we do is, right now we have 3 shades on our art board. I'm going to zoom out so you can actually see these.

But we have a green one, purple, and yellow. All rectangles. Some of them actually overlap. You may not see it because they are layered behind one another, but they all overlap.

And right now I have them grouped just because I want them grouped.

So what we're going to do is, is we're going to go over to our panel, and if you actually hit the shortcut "K" on your keyboard, it will bring up the Live Paint Bucket Tool.

Now, when you have the Live Paint Tool, you're going to want to select your artwork, then select the Live Paint Tool.

And then as you hover over it, you'll notice that you get a dialog box and it's going to say "click to make a Live Paint group".

Now, depending upon whatever color you have selected, when you first click, that's the color that's going to be used.

But if you notice now, instead of highlighting the whole thing, it's highlighted it in sections. So you have this area, this area where it was cutoff from the other rectangle, this area here, here, here, and this one.

So that means now you can individually color these separate areas. That's one of the benefits of having Live Paint.

So let's say I want to color, let's say I want to color red. But I just want to color this section.

If I select red as my Swatch and I click there, that section is now red.

I can click here, here, here, I can change it to, let's say I want to change it to a more purple color, click here. Click there.

I can change it to blue or cyan. I can click there. Anywhere I click in there and it will automatically fill those colors up.

And that's how you work with Live Paint on Adobe Illustrator.

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