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How to Edit Live Paint Regions with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to edit live paint regions with Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is how to edit live paint regions in Adobe Illustrator. So if we have a live paint section, let's say we go to our live paint tool, in our tools panel. We click it. Either that or hit the letter k on the keyboard. And we have a group of objects on here, and we click them. We can actually change the colors that are in these objects by selecting a different color ... and clicking on the regions ... of those shapes, or areas of the artwork. So you can change it to any color you want. And click through.

Now the only way to do this without the actual live paint tool, but to change the colors of the live paint brew, is to double click on it. And it'll bring us inside the actual live paint. In there, if we see the shape we want, we can hit the k button. Again. Adjust those colors. If we select everything, we can go to object. And click expand in our menu. And then you'll get the expand options box. And it'll have an object, fill, stroke. You click okay. And what that does is it actually breaks down the individual objects into their own shapes. So you can actually move them around now. And then you can color them individually.

If you wanted to use the live paint tool again, you have to once again select these colors, and click them to make them editable with that actual tool. So once we click through, and we've selected them, they're now editable. And we can actually expand them again. And now the little areas here are now separate objects. And again, if we want to edit these with the live paint tool, we would have to once again click on them. But we can, after we select it. ... And that's how you edit live paint color groups.

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