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How to Resize Type Objects with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to resize type objects with Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is How to Re-size Type Objects in Adobe Illustrator.

So, you may have text on your screen and one of the things you want to do is you either want to make it larger, you want to make it smaller. There are a ton of different options.

You can treat the type as if it were an object, as if its a shape, and you can drag the corners of the bounded box as long as you have the Selection Tool or the actual Scale Tool selected; the Selection Tool by the "V" button, which is a shortcut on your keyboard, or we were to go down to our Scale Tool which helps us free transform it, it's the "E" button on your keyboard.

So we would click 1 of the corners and we can move it around, any shape or size we want. Only problem again, when we do things like that it can actually lose the orientation of the wording.

So you want to scale it and you want to do it accordingly. You hold down your Shift button and it will scale accordingly and keep the proportions proper.

Now, if we want to do that from the center, we hold the Shift button down and we hold the ALT key down, or the Option key. And it will scale according to the center.

Now, another way to do that is once you have your Type Tool selected, you'll notice that up in this area at the top panel, you'll notice that there is a point section for your type. This is the area where you can select the character type and you can select the weight or whatever type is for the actual character family.

But then right next to it you'll see the font size. So, you can increase the font size by clicking the Up arrows or the Down arrows.

There's also a Drop Down arrow on the right hand side and you can select the points within there if you just want to just jump to a certain number. So, it's fairly simple using that method.

There's also a Character Window, if you don't want to look at it on the top part of your Illustrator Window, you can go to Window.

And if you go down to Type, you can go to Character and it will actually bring up a Character Window where you can pretty much do the same thing. You can change the size. Increase, decrease.

And the final way is to scale it just like you would any other object.

So you go into your Scale option. You double click, and you click on the Preview so you can see what it looks like and then you can choose to change it uniformly by changing that number, or you can change horizontal or vertical.

And that's how you re-size type objects in Adobe Illustrator.

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