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How to Sample Text Format with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to sample text format with Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is How to Sample Text Format in Adobe Illustrator.

So sometimes you want to sample the same type of text.

You may have something that's in Ariel, something that's in Impact, whatever the case may be. You may have 2 different types of text and 1 may be bigger than the other, smaller, whatever the case may be but you want them to look identical.

So, on our art board we have 2 different types of text. Right now we have a more regular font, this one is actually Myriad Pro, and this is Impact.

Now, same wording, 2 different typefaces, so they look completely different.

But let's say I want Sample 2 to look like Sample 1.

The quick way to do this is to actually select the Eye Dropper Tool. Now, the shortcut for that is the "I" button on your keyboard, or if you look in your Tools Panel, all the way close to the bottom you'll notice the Eye Dropper Tool. You can't miss it. Everybody knows what it looks like.

So we have Sample 2 selected. We want Sample 2 to look like Sample 1 so we simply hover the Eye Dropper Tool over it, click, and now Sample 1 and Sample 2 look like each other. Sample 2 has changed to look exactly like Sample 1.

So, let's go back and let's say we want Sample 1 to look like Sample 2 but we already had Sample 2 selected.

You hold down your ALT key, and you'll notice your Eye Dropper Tool will actually change from right orientation to left orientation, and essentially you will sample from the text that's already there.

So, let's say we click this, and we sample regularly, and then we go up to the Sample 1 and when we hold down that ALT or Option key, again, it's going to switch over, and we drag it down. When we click this, it now has the format of the preselected Sample 2.

So, if you want to change this again, all you would do is you hold down your ALT or your Option key, click that text, it will change there.

Or if you wanted to change Sample 2 to Sample 1 while it's selected, you simply click on it without the ALT key or Option key, and then Sample 2 becomes like Sample 1.

And that's how you sample text format in Adobe Illustrator.

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