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How to Reshape Text with an Object Warp in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to reshape text with an object warp in Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is how to reshape text with an object warp in Adobe Illustrator. So sometimes you have text on your art board, and you want to warp, or alter, or distort the way it looks. And Illustrator has an option that allows you to actually add a couple of effects that warp and distort the actual text itself. Without directly affecting the text itself. So what we do is, we select the text on our art board. We go to our object menu. And we go down to develop, distort, and we go to make with warp. And when we click that, we'll notice that we have some warp options that come up. And the first one, that is set by default because it's at the top, is called arc. And there's a little symbol or shape in each one that pretty much gives you an idea of what it's going to look like once it gets warped. So we click on the preview button. And you'll notice that once we click this, the warp text that's on our art board, is going to arc.

And then you can also change the bend. You can make it so that it bends under, farther, or over, really far. And then you can change the distortion. Whether or not you want it to be horizontal to the right, horizontal to the left, you want the majority to be vertical on the top, vertical on the bottom. And you can also change overall orientation from horizontal to vertical, and it will warp. And you're going to get all kinds of crazy output. But you can always change it. So usually you want to make sure it's not all the way to end of the horizontal or vertical when you start. But once you have it there, you can change the size of that warp, make the bend smaller, larger, and you can see how that affects it.

And that's how we reshape text with an object warp in Adobe Illustrator.

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