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How to Create Layers with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create layers with Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video.


This is How to Create Layers in Adobe Illustrator.

So, when we have our art board up maybe we need different things on different layers. Think of it like organization, having file folders. So that's what we're going to think of our Layers Panels as.

So what we do is, we look over to our right in our Window Panel area, and usually at the bottom we have our Layers Panel.

Now, if this isn't there, you can go into your Window, and in that Menu you go all the way down to Layers, you click it, and when you do click that, it will show up in your right panel.

Now, if you want a new layer, it's a very simple way to go about doing it. All you have to do is you click on the bottom right of that actual Layers Window. You'll notice there's a button, it almost looks like a Turning Page, but it's actually just Creating a New Layer. And you'll know you're on the right one because if you hover over it it says "Create New Layer".

And when you click it, you'll notice that another layer appears above the layer that you have there. And you can do this as many times as you need.

And once you have your new layer, you'll also notice that they're named and they're in order numerically.

If you want to, you can double click on that name and you can actually change it. Let's say we change this to Something Better. And we can change this one to Alternate. And you can do this for any of the layers that are listed in your Layers Panel.

And if you don't want a specific layer, you can always just hit the Trash icon when you have it selected, and you can delete, delete, delete, until you're left with something better.

And that's how you create layers in Adobe Illustrator.

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