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How to Use Adobe Illustrator with Will "Focus" Dubois

Learn about Will "Focus" Dubois, one of Howcast's experts in Adobe Illustrator, in this video.


Hey, everybody. My name is Will Focus of 5th GM. I'm a graphic designer. I specialize in branding identity, advertising, illustration, not limited to it, but you name it, I pretty much can do it.

I absolutely love Adobe Illustrator. I love VectorWork. I love creating dynamic illustrations. I went to school for graphic design, have my B.S. in graphic design. I love everything about art.

I have two websites that you need to check out., that's the number five, th, g, as in Greg, m, as in, that's for my graphic design work, and for my apparel and things that I sell, artwork, poster prints, you can check out my other site, which is my online store. That's at KMA, simple to remember, pretty sure if you know acronyms, you'll know what it means. So, you check it out online, and you'll be able to check me out there.

I hope you guys enjoyed the series. I hope everything went wonderfully, and I hope you were able to learn some things that you could pick up and use for yourself. Hopefully, one day I'll see some of these techniques used in the future, and maybe we can exchange some dialogue. So I hope you guys enjoyed. Have a good one.

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