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How to Foam Roll Your Back

Learn how to foam roll your back in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So the back is a little bit of a tricky area to get. A lot of us suffer from lower back pain so you want to be careful. You want to go about this in a slow kind of way. The first way I recommend is, again, if you're new to foam rolling you want to use a less dense foam roller. I'm showing it with a black, high density foam roller. So you could start on the top of your back, by your traps. You cross your hands on your shoulders and just roll upper to middle, keeping your hips off the ground. I recommend two minutes on the upper back. This is hitting more upper traps, back of the shoulders. If you want to get your rhomboids, which is more middle, by your scapula, you turn it vertical, lie on it, with your gluts on the bottom of the roller, your back is going to go on the top. So this is a nice one because you're going to get your upper back and lower back at once.

Kind of shift your weight to the right, hitting those areas, upper traps. I can feel this in my glutes, lower back, rhomboids. Shift your weight to the left. And if you want, for more support, you could put your hands down.

When you want to focus on your lower back, again, you would go about this in a slower way. The lower back is kind of a tender area for most of us. Shift your weight more toward the side. I would support yourself with your elbow and just go about this slowly making sure there's no abnormal pain. To the right, shift your weight, opposite side, supporting yourself at the elbow. Left. And that's how you roll the upper and lower back.

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