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How to Foam Roll Your Adductor Muscles for Beginners

Learn how to foam roll your adductor muscles if you are new to foam rolling in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to foam roll your adductors if you're a beginner. So if you're a beginner you're going to start with a lower density foam roller. You're going to take the foam roller and lie it down. You're going to lie it down vertically, like this. You're going to take your leg and externally rotate it, placing your thigh on the roller. Now you may have to stay here. This might be intense enough for you and you may not need any more pressure. If you want more pressure, go down to your forearms.

I would start with the roller at the very top of the knee and roll toward the middle of the thigh and then back toward the knee. Okay? You want to do this for about a minute, making sure that you stay on it and focusing on the points of pain. Then what you want to do is take the roller, put it more in the center and roll all the way up through your groin.

If you stay on your hands it's going to be less pressure, less of your body weight, so this might be better if you are a beginner. If you're a person that has been foam rolling your adductors, you want to take it up a notch, you want more pressure. You could definitely use a high density foam roller which you would do the same exact way that I just demonstrated with the white, less density, foam roller. You could also take it up even a further notch using a smaller ball, like a softball or a lacrosse ball. You could also do this on a prop, like a bench, and that would definitely give you more of a three dimensional kind of pressure.

So if you were to do this with a ball on the ground you would do it the same kind of way, forearms, and this is a lot more intense because it is smaller and it is more dense so it's hitting the muscle in a completely different way. I'm only going to the middle, focusing here one to two minutes. And then I'm going to take the roller and reset my positioning, making sure my alignment stays perfect. And then I'm going to take the ball and roll it all the way up to the groin area.

If you have a bench, if you have something to prop the ball up on, or the foam roller, that will intensify the roll as well. And that's how you foam roll your adductors if you're a beginner.

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