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How to Foam Roll Your Adductor Muscles (Advanced Techniques)

Learn advanced techniques for foam rolling your adductor muscles in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So the adductor is often a very neglected muscle that needs to be rolled a lot. It's a big muscle and it's kind of hard to get, but I'm going to demonstrate, the best I can for you, how to get it the most effective way. So you're going to hold the roller just like this in a kind of vertical way. You're going to turn your leg outward, so you're actually going to rotate your leg, your hip and you're going to lie on the foam roll up.

If this is intense enough you can stay on your hands. Just make sure your hand are directly under your shoulder. Remember, alignment is very important when it comes to foam rolling. If you want more pressure you could go down to your forearms. Here what you're going to do is just roll, I would go half way, all the way down to the knee. You would roll here, say about, 10 times back and forth so this is midway on my adductor.

To get the rest of it I would move the roller toward the center and then roll all the way up to the groin. Again, this is kind of awkward, kind of looks like you're straddling the roller, but this is a very effective way to loosen up your groin muscles if you're suffering from any kind of pain. This muscle, again, is often very much neglected, but it's very important to hit and to make sure you kind of keep loose. And that's how you roll your adductor.

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