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How to Foam Roll Your Quads

Learn how to foam roll your quadraceps in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm gonna demonstrate how to foam roll your quads. There are four parts of your quads and we're gonna break it down one at a time.

So first you're gonna get on all fours. You're gonna put the foam roller, we can start on the top of the knees. You can do both legs at a time again, you can have your hands right under your elbows and if this is enough pressure for you great, if you want more go down to your forearms and you're gonna start, I would start in the middle right above your knee. Okay?

So you're gonna gently roll to the mid-line okay, staying on top, middle. Kind of do ten rolls back and forth. Once you're done here you could turn your toes outward, facing outward so you're gonna get more vastus medialis here and you're gonna get, that's the inner thigh and here it's kind of hard to do two at a time so what you wanna do is you could focus on one leg here turning it out to get the vastus medialis, middle vastus intermedius.

And then the outer which is the vastus lateralis and you're just gonna roll. Notice it's interchangeable, I'm rolling one by lifting the opposite leg I'm applying more pressure to the one leg but you can keep the two on the roller and do the same thing to both at the same time which is just as effective.

If you want more pressure on one leg I would recommend lifting one and focusing on that one quad at a time. And that's how you roll your quadriceps.

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