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How to Foam Roll Your Hamstrings

Learn how to foam roll your hamstrings in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm gonna demonstrate how to form roll your hamstrings. So first thing you wanna do is get the roller under you. You could start out at the back of your leg, in the back of your knee making sure that your hands are directly under you shoulders.

You're gonna lift yourself up and roll all the way up, go half way towards the legs and then roll back to the knee. The reason why I like to do it only half way on the muscle is because the hamstrings are especially a large muscle and to form them all the way up toward the top of it, toward the insertion of your glute would mean that you're alignment would come off track.

So you wanna just kind of break down the muscle and roll each about two minutes each, so I'm rolling half way the very bottom of my hamstring to the mid-line and back down.

You're gonna do this for about ten rolls or for about two minutes. You could turn your feet, your toes outward and get more lateral hamstring. It's a large muscle so take your time. And then once you're done there you gonna start in the middle of the hamstring and roll all the way up to the insertion of the glute which is the very top of the hamstring.

You could do two as I'm showing you right here or you can roll one hamstring at a time and again, turn your toe inward to get more medial hamstring. Keep it, your toe pointed up, you're gonna get more of the middle and then to turn the toe out your gonna get more lateral hamstring.

You have the option again of rolling one or rolling both at the same time. That's how you form roll your hamstring.

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