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How to Foam Roll Your Psoas

Learn how to foam roll your psoas in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to foam roll your psoas. Your psoas is the very top of your hip joint. It gets very tight on most cyclists and runners, and it's very tight on most people due to the plane of motion that we normally work in, which is the saggital plane. So the psoas is responsible for hip flexion and external rotation. So you're going to start out with your leg straight, kind of like you're about to roll your IT band. You can put your elbow on the floor. Just make sure it's under your shoulder. Or you could have your hand here if that's enough for you.

So you're going to kind of rotate your body in like this, and this is basically where the psoas is. And you kind of want to roll. It's small, so you don't have to break it down, rolling halfway and back up. I would stay on this for about two minutes or about ten rolls and kind of just feeling out where it feels most tender. You may have certain points which feel more tender than others, and that's really where you want to focus on. Turn your body down, and then turn it to the side. And kind of just explore that area. And again, this area's pretty tight on most people because of the constant flexion we do just from sitting. And that's how you foam roll your psoas.

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