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How to Foam Roll Your Peroneals

Learn how to foam roll your peroneals in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to foam roll your peroneus. So you can actually prop your foot up on a step or on a table. I'm going to demonstrate for you on the floor. You're going to bend one leg. I'm going to use a stick just because of the narrow diameter. It's going to be easy to penetrate the muscle. So the peroneus runs from the bottom of your knee to the very top of your foot. So for my runners, you're often going to feel tightness here after a pretty intense work out usually involving hills. But this is a pretty long muscle so what you're going to do is start, and I'm going to demonstrate just by starting at the top of the foot and rolling midway and then back down. Rolling for about ten rolls and then I'm going to take it from the mid-line to the top, which is the very bottom of my knee. So middle, very bottom of my knee, and go there for about 10 rolls.

You could also roll the peroneus with the larger foam roller. So you're going to take that. You're going to be on your side and start at the bottom of the foot and roll midway, and back to the bottom. You could also go all the way since the foam roller is larger, it's not going to take that long to roll here, but figure about two minutes for the entire muscle. This can be a little more challenging to hold yourself up. As you notice I have two hands to hold myself up. So the foam roller, because of its size, it can be a little more challenging. But both are totally acceptable. It's whatever feels best for you. That's how you foam roll your peroneus.

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