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How to Foam Roll Your Piriformis

Learn how to foam roll your piriformis in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to foam roll your piriformis. You piriformis is in the glute area and if often gets very tight on a lot of cyclists, a lot of runners. It's often very difficult to get into because of the width and the length of the foam roller. It kind of just skims right over it because it is a smaller muscle. It's deep in there.

So what I usually recommend is that you use something in a smaller diameter, like a softball, like a lacrosse ball, like a tennis ball. Just be careful. If you do suffer from sciatica pain it can be a little intense at first. So you want to ease into this. I would definitely use a tennis ball to start if you've never penetrated the piriformis before using any kind of smaller object. Definitely start with a tennis ball because it is softer, and then progress to a softball or a lacrosse ball.

The way you're going to do this is you're going to take the ball, sit on it. Just like that. And you have the option of just staying here. If it's very painful, again, you don't really have to move. You can just kind of let gravity do it's thing and sink into the muscle. This will help release tension without moving. This is beneficial.

If you want more, meaning more tension, more kind of pressure, you can put one leg up. I'm putting my leg up onto my knee or onto the very top of my thigh here. And you're just going to roll around this area. You'll feel it immediately because it is very painful. You're going to immediately feel it. It's not something you really have to search around for. So you're going to focus here. I would definitely say no less than two minutes.

For my people that suffer from sciatica pain, take your time. Definitely start with a tennis ball and progress from there using one of the more intense balls like the softball or the lacrosse ball. And that's how you foam roll your piriformis.

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