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How to Foam Roll to Prevent Knee Pain

Learn how to foam roll to prevent knee pain in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm gonna demonstrate how to foam roll for knee pain.

So if you're experiencing any kind of lateral knee pain, any medial knee pain, we're gonna demonstrate today how to apply the foam roller to prevent that pain from coming on.

So what you're gonna do is, if you're experiencing any kind of medial knee pain, that's like knee pain on the inner side, this is probably due to your tightness in you adductors and possibly in your groin area. So you're gonna roll your adductors and kind of take it from there. You're gonna start on the bottom of the adductor, which is the very top of the knee, and roll midway. Do this for about two minutes. And then go from the middle of the thigh, and this is again your adductor, to the very top of your groin. So that's for more medial knee pain.

If you're experiencing knee pain more laterally, which is on the outside of the knee, what I recommend you do is definitely foam roll the peroneals. So the peroneals you're gonna do starting at the top of the knee rolling down toward the ankle. This is often responsible, the peroneals are responsible if they are tight for lateral knee pain. So kind of explore that area. And wherever you feel the tenderist spots, that's where you want to focus most of your attention on.

When it comes to knee pain it can be any of these muscles around it. So I would then go to the quad. So what you want to do is start on the top of your knee. You could go on to your forearms and just explore your quadricep area. Take your time, it's a rather large muscle group. So you're gonna start on the very top of your knee, rolling midway. Doing this for about two minutes. Once that feels pretty good you're gonna take it from the middle and roll all the way up to the hip flexors.

Most important thing is that wherever you find those tender areas that's where you want to focus your attention on. I'd say one to two minutes for each area, about ten rolls give or take each muscle, but if it hurts take your time. Spend more time on it.

From there I would definitely say foam roll the IT band. It's not a muscle, it's a band, but it can be and often is responsible for knee pain. So take your time. One to two minutes. I'm rolling from the very top of my knee the middle of the ITB and then I'm gonna take it from the middle all the way to the top of the IT band.

And that's it for the knee pain. Think of yourself as an investigator. You're going around, you're kind of peeking through and you're kinda trying to figure out where the pain is coming from. Take your time again. Focus on the areas that are most tender.

That's how you foam roll to prevent knee pain.

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