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How to Foam Roll Upper Shoulders & Traps

Learn how to foam roll your upper shoulders and traps in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to foam roll to loosen up your shoulders and your upper traps. So you're going to place the roller on the ground, and you're just going to lie on it, on your upper back. These are your upper trap area through here. And you're just going to kind of roll back and forth, I would say for about two minutes. You can support your head if your neck starts to hurt. You can totally support your head. Roll toward the left, exploring to see where the tender points are. Then roll toward your right. Notice how my hips are off the ground so I get that direct pressure onto my upper traps. This is also getting the posterior side of my shoulders, rear delts. And if you want to get closer into your scapula, you also have the option of turning the roller vertically, lying on it completely with your body, and this is kind of getting those hard to get areas by my scapula, lower trap area. Supporting yourself on the ground here. And you could also keep that support going on with the opposite hand to support your neck. And you're just focusing on the left and then the right. And that's a sure way to get your upper traps and the back of your shoulders.

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