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How to Foam Roll Your Pectorals

Learn how to foam roll your pectorals in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So, I'm going to demonstrate how to firm roll your pecs. So the pecs. could be done, you could do this with a small dimensional ball like a s softball I have. You could it with a little cross ball, a baseball, or a tennis ball. You can do this against a wall, or I'm going to demonstrate today how to do it on the ground. So, this is a pretty painful for most people, since most people are rounded forward from sitting at a desk all day.

You're going to get down to the ground, like on the ground, and you're going to allow the ball to kind of just rest in the pec. area. You're going to move your arm out just like this, and take your time and explore this area. Again, it's pretty painful for most people. So, it can be a little intense. The ground doesn't really budge obviously, so you don't have much leg room. The intensity is pretty high here. So, if this is your first time use a formula on your pecs., I would recommend the wall first and then you can move to the ground. So, just kind of move your body. You can move it left to right, and explore your pec. major, pec. minor. And this is also beneficial for improving your posture. And that's how you foam roll for your pecs.

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