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How to Foam Roll Away Lower Back Pain

Learn how to reduce lower back pain with the foam rolling technique demonstrated by certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast video.


So I'm gonna demonstrate how to form roll for lower back pain. Unfortunately many of us suffer from lower back pain. So the first thing you wanna do is get the roller lie it down like this. You're gonna apply pressure to one side of your lower back while supporting yourself with your elbow.

You wanna be careful here. A lot of us have herniated discs, bulging discs so you really want to take your time. You could raise your hips up just like this, that will take some of the tension and pressure off your lower back.

Explore the area, see whereabouts your tender. Do this for about two minutes. Focus on the points that you are feeling the most tension and pain.

You're gonna switch sides. Switching arms, rolling toward the very bottom of your lower back to the middle. When we're experiencing lower back pain most of the time it's not coming from our back. I tell my clients to do like a flush of the lower back if you are experiencing pain there but definitely you wanna hit your glutes.

A lot of the time our hips and our glutes are very tight and that's what's causing the lower back pain. So you wanna focus on, you could cross your ankle, one ankle across your bottom thigh and just focus on one side of your glute, glute med, glute max, toward the middle.

Doing this for about two minutes, switching legs. The reason why I'm crossing is because I'm also gonna get into the piriformis which is a smaller muscle that actually tightens up just from sitting so that's also getting deeper into your glute medius in the piriformis.

Always making sure alignment is priority so your hands should be directly under your shoulder. You also wanna make sure you're rolling your hips, your hip flexors if you're experiencing lower back pain because again, a lot of the time when our lower back is acting up it's not coming from the culprit, it's not coming from something in your lower back it's usually something around it.

So let's roll the hips. You're gonna get back on your hands and knees and hit the very top of your thigh bone area. It could almost feel like a dull pain. That's how I would describe what the hip flexor feels like when you roll it.

One to two minutes on side and then one to two minutes on the other. And that's how you form roll to improve lower back pain.

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