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Foam Rolling Technique for Shin Splints

Learn foam rolling techniques that help with shin splints in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate what muscles to foam roll if you're suffering from shin splints. So shin splints can be very, very painful. The most important things to foam roll are your calves, your peroneals, and your Achilles tendon. So we'll start out with the calves. You can roll with the foam roller, the high-density foam roller is a good one to use. You can start at the bottom by your Achilles tendon. Supporting yourself with your hands, making sure you're hands stay under your shoulders, you're going to roll over the calves just like that. Roll back and forth. You can focus on one leg at a time by bending one leg, internally rotating your toe just like this. Keeping it up like that, you're going to get more middle. And then externally rotating to hit both the and the soleus of the calf.

You're going to do that on the left and on the right, again one to two minutes. If this is painful, then focus on it for a longer period of time. Again, middle. So we got both the left and the right on the calves. So I would recommend to roll the Achilles tendon, you want to get something with a smaller diameter, like this stick, because you're able to focus on that tendon. It's a tendon, so this also gets tight from the constant flexion and extension of the foot from running. So it's kind of at the bottom of your foot. And you just want to focus on going up and down here, making sure you're rolling and staying on it for about two minutes again. And you definitely want to make sure you get the left and the right. So that's the Achilles tendon all the way to the bottom of your, the ball of your foot. And follow it up to the back of the calf. Left and right. And then the peroneals are the side of the foot or the side of the leg. It's going to be from the bottom of the knee to about the top of your ankle here.

You could use the high-density foam roller for this. So I'm going to demo on my left leg here. I'm bending my opposite leg back here to support myself. And I'm going to take the roller from the bottom of my knee, mid-line of my leg, and I'm going to do this ten rolls or for about a minute here. If you're a runner, you're definitely going to be feeling this. And then once I'm done with going from the very top of the peroneals to the middle, I'm going to take it from the middle, re-position myself, making sure alignment stays correct. So middle and all the way to the bottom. And that's how you foam roll to prevent shin splints.

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