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How to Foam Roll Your Lats

Learn how to foam roll your lats in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to foam roll your lats. So the lats are kind of like the side of your back. You're going to have to lie on the foam roller with your arm upward like this. So lie on your side, start out facing forward and to kind of get deeper or a different part of your lat you're going to kind of roll downward and face closer to the floor.

The lats run up and into the armpit area so that's why I recommend you hold your arm up like this. It can be a very painful and awkward spot to foam roll so just by sitting here and allowing gravity to do its thing and having my body on the foam roller, I'm reaping the benefits of it breaking up that muscle tissue, the tightness', right in there.

And kind of rolling back and forth like this, again I'm not really actually rolling, I'm maneuvering my body around the roller and this is still breaking up those adhesions in there. I could lift my hips and roll up and down gently on the roller. I'm kind of in a side plank position here. My chest is facing out and to get deeper into the lat, more forward, my body would go. And that's how you foam roll the lats.

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